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Wallonia welcomes your business

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Wallonia is one of three regions – the others being Flanders and Brussels – that make up the federal state of Belgium . The administrative capital of Wallonia is Namur . In Belgium, the regions have powers and responsibilities over many domains, including the economy, employment, energy and scientific research.

Alongside the federal government's fiscal measures, Wallonia supports businesses through incentives, auxiliary measures and premiums. It also provides support for recruitment, training, logistics and research and development. In Wallonia , these incentives are enshrined in a special plan to comprehensively revitalise the economy. If you wish to invest or set up a business in Wallonia , then visit to learn more about all the available opportunities.

Where all roads meet

Wallonia has a population of 3.5 million and covers 16,844 km 2 . The region is home to some 70,000 businesses, mostly SMEs. The official language of Wallonia is French, but the active population is often multilingual, a result of the region's location at the crossroads of Germanic, Latin and Anglo-Saxon cultures. Wallonia is also home to a significant German-speaking community, located primarily near the border with Germany .

Wallonia enjoys excellent transport links at the heart of the European road and rail network, with Paris , Cologne , Frankfurt or Amsterdam less than 300 km away. It is equally well served by waterways connecting it to major nearby maritime ports, such as Antwerp and Zeebrugge, and has two international airports, Liège and Charleroi , for freight and passenger transport.

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